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Grow and gain full control of your business.


DeltaPOS is a reliable point of sale solution developed to fit your evolving business needs.

  • Web Based Interface
  • Customizable
  • Precise

DeltaPOS is a web based point of sale application that is reliable, secure and covers almost every function needed to run a successful business.

It has useful modules to run your business hassle-free based on the proven ease of use and how intuitive it is.

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Why DeltaPOS?

At DeltaPOS, we're committed to helping your business grow by providing you with meaningful data based on your business activities.

  • 01 Save Time

    Save hours of manual work each business day through our automated system.

  • DeltaPOS is a user-friendly system that speeds up the checkout process thus boosting sales.

  • By giving you comprehensive reports, our system enables you to make the right purchase decisions for your business.



Inventory Management

Do whole or partial inventory counts and stay up to date.

VAT, Customer and Multi-Tier Taxation

Set different tax levels for your items. An example would be a wholesale tier tax. You can assign a customer to a tier so you can ensure they always get the right price!

Sales Register & Transactions Logging

Easily track sales and transactions.

Quotation and Invoicing

Easily set up DeltaPOS to send receipts, invoices, and quotations to customers via Email and SMS.

Expense Logging

You can track your business expenses.

Receipt and Invoice Printing/Emailing

Easily set up printing of receipts and invoices or send to customers via Email and SMS.

Barcode Generation and Printing

Easily Create barcode labels for your products when they arrive in your store or on demand.

Supplier and Customer Database

Keep track of your suppliers and customers.

Multi-user with Permission and Access Control

The security of your system is paramount.

Comprehensive Reports

Get comprehensive insights into your business with a number of detailed reports designed for you.

Receiving of Products

Easily receive new inventory items via our receivings module.

Loyalty/Reward Scheme

Reward your most loyal customers based on their purchases to keep them coming back.

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